Column appalling, lacks research

I was appalled to read Dave Thompson’s recent column in last Friday’s paper (Buying local one step in bridging division, May 6).

It has always been my understanding that a requisite quality of good journalism is “researching your facts.”

Had Mr. Thompson taken to time to research the other three golf courses in the area he wound have found that they also do not serve our local award winning wines.

My daughter and I took the time to research just how many Trail restaurants actually do have this wine on their menu. Alas we only found two out of eight.

We also surveyed the Rossland restaurants and came up with two out six … Hmmm. I think percentage wise Rossland came out ahead in this race.

I also searched my family dictionary and several internet search engines and nowhere did I find “small minded unnecessary criticism of others” as a definition of “Sports.”

Perhaps somewhere it might be found as a definition of ‘n’ Things but somehow I doubt it.

Perhaps only in the “new Trail” with a population of  one.

It is hard for me to believe that Mr. Thompson represents the true spirit of the fine city of Trail … somehow I doubt it.

I will leave it at that as I refuse to stoop low enough to respond to his rest of his blatantly prejudiced attitude towards anything to do with Rossland.

But perhaps the next time I go golfing or skiing I will raise a glass of “inferior plonk” to the “snoots” who have chosen to provide both Rossland and Trail with first class sports venues for both golfing and skiing.

Good luck to you Mr. Thompson. I am sure your career as a journalist is a shortlived one.

Sheila Vockeroth