Community applauded for finding lost dog

Creston PAWS president credits Trail and communities for saving lost dog's live.

Creston Pet Adoption and Welfare Society would like to send a great big thank you to the people of Trail and surrounding communities for all your help in finding PAWS dog Candy, who went missing last week in the Trail area.  Wow – you guys are amazing!!

Candy came to PAWS last July after her owner passed away.  She is terrified of people – even after months of working with her to build her trust and confidence.  Most people who have considered adopting her have changed their minds after seeing how frightened she is.

Recently, Darlene and Darrell Johnston from Rossland decided to take on the challenge of adopting her.

They have a history of being wonderful dog owners, so we were all very hopeful that Candy had finally found her forever home.

Unfortunately, after just one day with her new family, Candy bolted.   She ran straight up the mountain off Hannah Creek Road and disappeared.  Darrell managed to track her for several hours – through snow that in some places was up to his thighs.

Only when it was too dark to see did Darrell come back down the mountain.  The next day he went back up again, this time with snowshoes.   After searching again for several hours, he had quit when her tracks disappeared into a bare, rocky ridge.

But the Johnstons never gave up.  They put up dozens of posters in Trail, Rossland, Warfield, Oasis, Tadanac, and Rivervale.

They spent all their waking hours searching, showing Candy’s picture to everyone they encountered during their search.

The community was quick to respond.   Radio stations, the SPCA, Cominco security personnel, the vet, Pet Needs Plus store – all participated in getting the word out.  Darlene put food out every day, and eventually it paid off.  Six days after Candy had gone missing, a hiker named Shirley Read pinpointed Candy’s location.  The next day we found her – frightened, tired and hungry, but safe.

Candy, is now safely back in Creston, where she has been examined by her veterinarian.  Except for being 13 pounds thinner, she appears to be none the worse for her ordeal.  As this was Candy’s second escape episode the PAWS directors have determined that for the foreseeable future, Candy will remain a PAWS dog.

She feels safe at the shelter and PAWS volunteers will continue to work to lessen her fears and develop her trust and confidence.

Thank you, Darrell and Darlene Johnston and the entire Trail community for all your care, concern, help and hard work.  You saved Candy’s life!

Vicki McDonald,


Creston Pet Adoption and Welfare Society (PAWS)