Community Comment: Recreation agreement good news for Montrose

"Montrose Council is very happy with the deal made, and I would like to congratulate all who worked hard to reach this deal."

We have a Recreation agreement!

Montrose Council is very happy with the deal made, and I would like to congratulate all who worked hard to reach this deal. This announcement will mean a lot to families in the Beaver Valley.  The deal reached is for one year and starts September 1, 2015. Council hopes residents will enjoy using the facilities to their full capacity.

Work is continuing on the community gardens. MYATS was successful in receiving a grant, and the garden is taking shape. Fencing will be going in soon and we are always looking for some volunteers with green thumbs. If you have a bit of time and a passion for gardening please call the village office and you will receive a call back.

As always residents are reminded to please keep their dogs on a leash in the village, this protects both your dog and other residents from an unfortunate accident.

A big thank you to the contentious pet owners in the village for picking up after their pets

Residents are reminded that with the hot weather and an aggressive fire season we need to all make sure we are following the water restrictions; this ensures the water level in the tanks it is at the optimum level for any situation.

A forest fire has the potential to spread fast, and the first 10 meters around your home are important.

Making sure that that area is clear of combustible materials will help ensure your home is able to survive a fire emergency. We all need to make sure we are doing all we can to ensure our homes are as fire smart as they can be.

We have reading material in the village office that can help homeowners. A reminder that fire bans are in place, these bans protect you and your family along with your neighbours.

There have been numerous bear sighting s in the Village.

Please keep your garbage secured until garbage day, and do not put your garbage out early. Once the bears find a food source they will continue to return.

Fruit is a big attractant for bears in the fall, as the fruit ripens and starts to drop the bears with their keen sense of smell will be dropping by. If you can’t use or pick all of the fruit there are options.

There are several Facebook sites where you can post, and people will come and pick the fruit. We had this problem last year with plumbs and the young family that wanted them came and picked the tree clean.

They were respectful of the yard and the tree, it was a great experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that as the daylight leaves earlier, children are still out and playing.

When they are playing with friends they sometimes forget to check both ways.

The speed limit through the Village of Montrose is 50 km/h, and there are 4 crosswalks through the village. School will be going back in a few short weeks.

If we all pay careful attention residents who enjoy walking and riding in the village will be safe.

At last night’s council meeting we once again accepted the “Coins for Change,” on September 18, 2015 several members of council will be under the Victoria Street Bridge.

Cindy Cook is a councillor for the Village of Montrose

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