Council decision to go ‘local’ confusing

Resident questions council's decision to make city purchases from Nelson instead of Trail.

I am sitting down, almost hitting the floor wondering how our City of Trail thinks that giving a bid for computers to a Nelson business is staying local?

This bid was not a little bid either. Yes, they gave a very tiny bid out for the monitors to a local business, but that was only five per cent of the bid.

I shake my head wondering why the City of Trail would do this. The City of Trail should be, first and foremost, the ones paving the way to supporting our local businesses in Trail.

But then I think, “Oh, that’s right, City of Trail would rather pay $400,000 for City in Bloom than support our younger generation or our local businesses. And let’s pretend we don’t have issues with teens getting into trouble because we have nothing for them to do that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.”

I think it’s time for every citizen of Trail to start phoning our Mayor Dieter Bogs and city councillors and ask them the question: “Why are they letting our community become a ghost town and why they are choosing to buy outside of Trail?”

Just take a drive downtown and see how quiet the downtown is unless you’re a bank, medical clinic or grocery store. Last time I checked, Dieter Bogs was mayor of Trail, not Nelson.

Start dialing, emailing or faxing the city with the question: “Why should they spend our tax dollars in another jurisdiction?”

Tel: 250-364-1262;fax: 250-364-0830Email:

Sherri Peters, Trail