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Councillor offers context

A point of clarification to last Thursday’s story, No Support For Firing City Administrator;

The Rossland staff memo concerning the parcel tax review board contained a number of statements that I strongly disagreed with (several of which were repeated in the Trail Times).

However, I while I don’t agree with the statements, I did not think they justified firing the CAO.

Also, as I recall, my comment about the “zoo and circus” was in the context of a discussion about the inordinate amount of freedom of information requests that councillor Laurie Charlton has filed — in my opinion, much of the time spent dealing with many of those requests could have been saved if the documents had been provided initially.

Councillor Charlton may have a voracious appetite for detail and lacks some basic social graces but no one can accuse him of not doing his homework.

Kathy Moore


Editor’s note: Kathy Moore is a Rossland city councillor