Cross-border shopping hurts Canadian communities

A look at how cross-border shopping can take away from our communities.

Presently, our Canadian dollar is high against the U.S. greenback.  However, I wonder if this is a good thing for our border communities.

Almost daily, I am told of the great deals that people find in Colville and Spokane and come back to Canada with trunks full of groceries, clothes, building materials, etc with their gas tanks filled with American gas.

While I am sure that the good people of Colville appreciate the Canadian economic shot in the arm to their depressed economy, they are not the ones paying for schools, hospitals, road work, etc on this side of the border.

Every little cross border shopping trip chips away at a local Canadian business and a local Canadian job, perhaps eventually, even that of the cross border shopper.

Perhaps we should show a bit of maturity, as well as loyalty to our country and community and, if possible, try to keep our loonies on this side of the 49th parallel.

A proud Canadian.

Maureen Lechner