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Dogs were never deemed dangerous

Jeremy Brown, owner of one of the dogs reported as "dangerous," responds to the Trail Times article.

I am shocked that the Trail Daily Times is in the business of publishing “he said, she said” drama (“Two dogs deemed dangerous,” Trail Times June 7.)

I find it lacking in taste that not once did you state in there that the Trail Daily Times tried to talked to the owners of the dogs regarding what happened. Not once did it state in this same article that the Times had contacted the SPCA to confirm these allegations. That’s because these things never happened.

I am the owner of these so-called “dangerous” dogs. I find it offensive that this lady completely fabricated this story to make her seem like a poor little victim.

Not once was a kid ever the focus of an attack, the grey dog was only near her oldest child for the simple fact that he was holding the leash to their dog.

These so called dangerous dogs are around children everyday including my two-year-old daughter. Not once have any of my animals shown any aggression to my children, our friends’ children, or any children at that!

I would not own dogs like this if they were a risk to my children or the children of anyone else in our neighborhood – bottom line!

Yes there was an altercation between my grey “dangerous” dog and her dog.

No we did not stick around to find out if her dog was okay for two reasons; Her and her son telling us sorry wasn’t good enough,  the verbal attack towards us , and I personally was focused on getting my dog in the yard.

My dog is 11 months old and obviously has some learning to do. Saturday he left to a dog boarding school if you will, to be socialized with other dogs and to get some extensive training!

So for her to try and portray us as being uncaring owners is completely unacceptable and false. We are obviously taking the responsible steps to make sure this type of dog-on-dog aggression doesn’t happen again.

In closing I have been at the SPCA all day going over this article and their investigation, they never once declared any of my dogs dangerous, Nor were they contacted by the Trail Daily Times to confirm any of these allegations. The file has since been closed.

Jeremy BrownMontrose