Fiscal conservatives have failed

The all-time debt leaders are: Brian Mulroney, $293.5 billion; Stephen Harper, $182.3 billion; Pierre Trudeau, $138.27 billion.

How can we continue to delude ourselves as being good fiscal stewards of the nation? The record is extremely “clear” we fiscal conservatives have failed badly:

The all-time debt leaders are: Brian Mulroney, $293.5 billion (1984 to 1992); Stephen Harper, $182.3 billion (2008-2014); Pierre Trudeau, $138.27 billion (1968-1978 and 1980-1983)

This has to stop! Yes, Trudeau started the rampant tax and spend agenda but Mulroney took it to a whole new level. Only Paul Martin, with the moral authority of Preston Manning, as Finance Minister and Prime Minister has performed well. We had high expectations for Stephen Harper, as evidenced by his “clear” record he too has failed.

Where do we fiscal conservatives turn without a beacon of light like Preston Manning? Which party do we turn to, to provide good fiscal guidance; Liberal, NDP or Green?

This October will be very interesting!

Stephen Hill


Editor’s Note: Stephen Hill was 2011 Federal Conservative candidate for B.C. Southern Interior