Foot traffic wouldn’t hurt the Old Bridge

Local resident feels the Old Bridge is safe for foot traffic.

In her Letter to the Editor, Annette Gallatin inquired about the need for another bridge (Remind me why Trail needs another bridge, Trail Times, Oct. 1).

If the Old Bridge was just opened for walking, the West Trail residents would be so happy. We would have more of them enjoying the aquatic centre.

Also the East Trail residents and others would enjoy walking over the Old Bridge and through the Esplanade Park and around the Victoria St. Bridge.

Open the gates to the car corridor and make lots of room for kids on bikes and people walking. Remove one cement block on each end for ease of entry.

It is going be to a couple of years before the Pipe Bridge Walkway would be completed. It would be so great to just open the Old Bridge and just let us walk it.

The Old Bridge can stand that.

John Carter