Glenmerry lot is not a ‘park’

Neighbouring resident questions 'park' status of local lot.

A petition is being circulated opposing the city’s proposal to see the space that Glenmerry Citizen’s Group refer to as “public parkland.”

I’ve lived next door to that “parkland” since 1967. To categorize it as such is an anomaly. A park it is not, never has been. Simply put, it is a dump, an eyesore and a disgrace.

That said, it raises the question, “Has any member of the citizen’s group ever taken the time to walk through the park to the edge overlooking the river?”

If they did, they would get some idea of the extent of the dumping.

It is a convenient place for some people to dump their yard waste including discarded vegetables and fruit, rather than the free city pickup in the spring and fall. Perfect conditions for the bear problem I contend with.

The energy and dedication the Glenmerry Citizens Group has expended in their drive to stop the sale might have been better served if it was placed towards the beautification of the “park” long ago. I can only visualize what the Community in Bloom people would have done with it.

I have not signed the petition for good reason. As long as that “park” next door remains as it is, I support the sale. At least a new home will enhance Rosewood Dr and bring taxes into the city coffers. The “dump” can’t do either of those things.

Helen M. Battistella