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Hefty handouts sure to escalate

Editorial: NDP will be rolling out the dough before the next election

It’s an election year in B.C. and you know what that means.

We can expect funding announcements galore from the governing NDP between now and the provincial election in October.

Actually, things might not seem too different since the NDP already dished out wads of cash throughout 2023. You’d think we were a rich province.

The problem is the funds, for the most part, seem sadly misdirected. The important issues plaguing residents are still prevalent. Housing and rent costs way too much for the average person, food prices continue to skyrocket and there’s no sign of a stable economy to make anyone feel secure.

Part of that, of course, is outside provincial jurisdiction and clearly rests with Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberals for creating the mess we’re in.

However, there are more things that can be done in this province to make life more affordable. The first is the lame “affordable housing” label that really doesn’t mean anything concrete.

Housing set to go up on the border of Oak Bay and Victoria had previously been termed as “affordable” and units will be selling for somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.2 million. One sales person had the gall to say this is affordable in that neck of the woods.

So just because you see the label “affordable” don’t think it’s going to be. The province is pumping out housing that’s supposedly affordable and helping to alleviate the critical shortage but it’s really not at all.

And what about quality of construction with these fast builds? That’s another story.

Former premier John Horgan promised gas prices would come under heavy scrutiny with his government. Guess what? That never happened. Prices seem to stabilize for a while, but then suddenly rise 12 cents a litre all at once for seemingly no reason. And just wait for the summer. Those prices are not being regulated or under control at all.

The lead-up to the election will be quite interesting. It doesn’t appear any of the other parties are close enough yet to give the NDP a run, but the next seven months will surely see many hefty handouts to make sure the gap doesn’t narrow if the public buys in.

Don Bodger

About the Author: Don Bodger

I've been a part of the newspaper industry since 1980 when I began on a part-time basis covering sports for the Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle.
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