Intruders crash family reunion

"As soon as they saw us they reeled in their fishing rods and quickly retreated."

On Aug. 3, between 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. my family was rowing a boat to our beach; and we saw two men fishing on the banks off our beach area. The men had to cross 10 acres to reach the creek amongst our family reunion, two large tents, vehicles/people and dogs. As soon as they saw us they reeled in their fishing rods and quickly retreated.

My son and his wife got off the boat went to the intruder’s area and tracked them past our home. We then proceeded to the beach and found their fresh tracks on our private beach. We have given Sgt. Oelke of the Trail RCMP photos; and if we can identify from our security and surveillance, there may be pending charges of B & E, mischief, harassment, vandalism, etc.

How many property owners would like this kind of invasion of their private home and family reunion?

1. People are intruding and we are the ones paying thousands of dollars in maintenance, security and repairs to our home to have our privacy.

2. People who run and are not polite and even ask permission may be criminal-minded and subject to being apprehended.

3. Rural Crime Watch and No Trespassing/No Hunting signs are visible from the front entrance fence/gate and other areas of fenced property defining our property.

4. Our family and friends are welcome and would never act in the above manner.

5. Our good friends like Tom Feeney was and we are thankful to have enjoyed many years of his friendship/loyalty to our farm. His son Tom, Jr. and families are all still welcome.

6. Please be aware of all signs posted and please no entering on private property.

7. Extreme fire risks makes private property owners not wanting intruders on their property.

Thank you very much for your time to read this; and happy summer with safe travels to all.

Gail Allen