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Mall needs to increase variety of stores

Part of a series of letters submitted by Grade 4 Fruitvale Elementary students as a class assignment.

Why can’t our mall be better? We need more stores in the mall!

I’m sick and tired of looking like everyone else because there’s nowhere to shop. We’re told to shop local but where? There’s nothing here!

My family told me that the mall’s rent prices are to high so stores don’t want to or can’t afford it!

So a lot of places in our mall sits empty! I think that our mall’s rent prices should go down so we don’t have to go far or online to find something we want or need! Why would you want to move to a town where there is nothing? If we want to have a bigger community we need more places to shop! So rent should be lower so new stores can open, more jobs created.

That’s what Trail needs!

Emma Smith