Negotiations could help ease fears

I read the letter submitted by Larry Gray, Ali Grieve and Griff Welsh, RDKB directors.

I read the letter, “Clarifying RDKB’s decision on funding” (Trail Times, Oct. 19) submitted by Larry Gray, Ali Grieve and Griff Welsh, RDKB directors.

One of the examples given by the directors was the hypothetical example of the province of Quebec negotiating with the United States to secede from Canada.

The directors asked should the federal government spend tax dollars to assist Quebec and the USA to study such a proposal?  Hell, yes!  Did we learn nothing from the last Quebec referendum?

The second example given by the directors (What if Teck approached Warfield to expand its boundaries?) is also “out of the blue.”

Should such a scenario take place, then by all means, give the money for the study because such rumours and innuendo do more harm than good.  Better to know the facts than to hide behind bizarre hypotheticals.

The nub of the problem is one of fear.  Fear to explore new ideas and fear of losing tax revenue that supports hard earned shared services in the Beaver Valley such as parks, recreation, trails and the arena.

Is there not a way to overcome these fears through negotiation?  Could the stakeholders not guarantee a dollar amount annually to support these services?

What if stakeholders want to pursue changing boundaries for tax breaks that also lead to governmental efficiencies as well as improved infrastructure services such as water, sewer, roads and snow removal?  Could their hopes not be met through study and negotiation?

Does everything from Warfield to Fruitvale have to be at a constant impasse?

Rose Calderon