New legislation for dental hygienists

In July new legislation will come into effect regarding the services a dental hygienist can provide.

A dental hygienist is educated and trained in their profession with a focus on the prevention of oral disease and the promotion of oral health.

In BC, the legislation permits a dental hygienist to own and operate their own dental hygiene practice.

But what many of you may not have been aware of is the following:

Currently in BC, a registered dental hygienist cannot provide any dental hygiene services for you if you have not been to your dentist for an exam within the last 365 days. However, on March 31, 2012 the Minister of Health, Hon. Mike de Jong announced new legislation in regards to ‘The 365 Day Rule’.

Dental hygienists that meet additional education and experience requirements must apply for and be granted permission in order to qualify to work in this category.

If your registered dental hygienist meets these requirements and is approved they will then be able to provide you with dental hygiene services exempt from ‘The 365 Day Rule’.

This legislation comes into effect July 3, 2012 and we hope it will increase the public’s access to dental hygiene services.

Denise PawlyshynCastlegar