No strategy for labour shortage

Sometimes credentials are not enough to fill shortages in workforce.

Thanks for your article, (Skilled labour shortage a product of bad decisions, Trail Times April 12) on the situation of the labour shortage here in Canada.

I am all in favour of training the local people to meet the needs of the economy as well as giving the people the skills to look after themselves.

However, even as an immigrant with more than 15 years experience in the medical field as a lab technician, obstacles have been put in my way to prevent me from filling one of those job shortages.

When I arrived here about seven years ago, I thought I might be able to work at the local hospital, where my skills are greatly needed. The professional body told me that I would need to gain both work experience and theoretical training in four other disciplines, even though the local job would just entail the appropriate skills in my own field.

So even when one has the credentials, they are not being put to good use.

Now I am re-inventing myself and training at our local college in bookkeeping.

As you mention, even education is having its funding cut and courses being put on the chopping block.

There does not seem to be a long-term strategy for the labour force, whether you are Canadian or an immigrant.

Lesley Elliott