Often-maligned medical system rose to the occasion

Praise to Boundary Hospital and Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital for excellent, life-saving care.

I unfortunately had a near death experience in Grand Forks.  My wife drove me from Greenwood to Boundary Hospital in Grand Forks with flu like symptoms.

After being admitted and placed in the Emergency Room the attending physician Dr. Mary immediately recognized the seriousness of my condition and literally held vigilance over me until my vitals were stabilized enough to relocate me to Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital (KBRH) Intensive Care Unit with a High Acuity Response Team (HART).

The team in KBRH Intensive Care Unit is in my opinion the most professional, hard working and team playing group ever to be assembled.  Within five days of intensive treatment I was out of the woods.

I was placed in the surgical ward for three days before my transfer back to Grand Forks.

I was astounded at the amount of activity on one floor of a hospital.

The coming and going of patients in and out of surgery was mind boggling, more so was the pace the staff had to keep to administer the care required.  Witnessing the nurses and support staff long hours and extraordinary labour in this ward give me an appreciation what dedication really means.

Subsequent to my recovery in Trail I was transported back to Grand Forks for a few days to ensure I was healthy enough to be released for home.  The great care continued in Boundary Hospital who made every effort to make me comfortable under their crowded conditions.

I wish to thank all those who attended to me with kid- glove.  I am not a religious man but Dr. Mary is in my sainthood.

I want this letter to give recognition to the ones who made some critical thinking decisions and executed their skill and training to an excellence.

For all those who complain, debate, and otherwise feel disconcerted by the medical system should realize when it is dependent upon life and death the system works like clockwork.

Yes there are concerns and the government has a managing responsibility.

But, when it comes down to fairness, remuneration and most of recognition the front line staff and doctors deserve it unconditional.

Dennis Radford,