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Parent questions son’s treatment in Rossland-Trail minor hockey

I am writing this letter to let parents and the people of this community know how my son has been treated by some members of the RTMHA executive.

I am writing this letter to let parents and the people of this community know how my son (a 10 year old) has been treated by some members of the RTMHA executive.  I know my son is not the first, nor will he be the last to be the brunt of a personal dispute between a coach and a players parents.

The coach, coincidentally is also on the executive.  The fact that my son did not make the Atom Tier 1 team this year is not the issue here.  It is why he didn’t make the team.  It has nothing to do with his hockey skills but rather who his parents are.  Or maybe it’s his postal code?  However, I have asked the President for the evaluation reports regarding my son but have been refused access to them because according to the President, they are not obligated to give out that information.  Yet, when I asked other associations if they give out that information, they all told me that they would definitely give a parent their child’s evaluation.  This leads me to believe that this association has something to hide.  Why not give out that information, then I can explain to my son why he didn’t make the team and what he needs to work on or focus on in the future.  I have e-mailed the President asking him 5 specific questions regarding my child.

He did not answer any of them, instead he told me that the RTMHA does not want my son to be impacted by “my behaviour.”

I will not be allowed in the arena to watch my son play or he may even get taken off the roster for the remainder of this season.  I’m not exactly sure what the mean by “my behaviour.”

I guess asking questions is “bad behaviour.”  I am not the parent yelling profanities at the referees, players or the coaches.  I have not criticized the coaches or volunteers.  I have simply asked questions.  I am protecting, supporting and encouraging my son.  That is my job!

We have spoken to several members of the executive that have no idea what is going on, yet their names were attached to this letter I received from the President.

Is the purpose of (some) the executive to support each other or are they there in the best interest of our kids?

Do the coaches sign a “Fair Code of Conduct?”  I am not, in any way, shape or form referring to all coaches in our association.  The majority are fantastic and treat ALL kids FAIRLY.  In my opinion, my son has been bullied by some particular coaches and I refuse to stand back and let this continue.  My son will not be the next bullying statistic…  We have received e-mails and phone calls from many previous RTMHA players that have gone on and done well in their hockey careers and they too are embarrassed and shocked at that has gone on in our particular situation.

We have also received e-mails and phone calls from parents whose child had made the team and some that have not made the team and all have had nothing but kind and supportive words to say to our son.  One particular e-mail from a parent stated that “my son refused to even try out for this team based alone on who the coaches would be.”  I know the president also received this e-mail.  I will respect the fact that they all wanted to remain anonymous because they are afraid of the repercussions that would fall back on their child.  How wrong is that?

At the end of the day, the fact that a 10 year old boy is the only one suffering because a coach (or coaches) could not see past his differences with a players parents, is beyond me.  Tell me Mr. President, is this your definition of FUN?  Is this how we want our kids treated in the “Home of the Champions.”

Rhonda Hopkins and Paul Anselmo


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