Providers should improve Internet speed

Local resident and business owner questions providers why local internet speeds are so slow.

Shaw and Telus need a wake up call! These two companies are liars and thieves disguised in sheep’s clothing.

Sure they make you feel all warm and fuzzy with the cute and cuddly but seriously pandering liars with nothing but your hard earned $$$ in their greedy hands.

The past three and a half  years have been a real eye opener for me running a computer business in the Kootenays.

Over the course of the years I saw thousands of computers in and out of our doors, mostly with viruses that could be avoidable and some problems which were much more sinister.

But the one thing that I heard continuously was this, “the Internet speed suck.”

So what to do? We need to ask these companies to give back and step up to the plate and hit a home run for it’s bread and butter.

Why do we tolerate this? Do you go to the gas station and pay $100 for gas and get only $20 in the tank?

Please do tell me how many of you are happy with your internet speed?

Can you e-mail me with your answer please to

Darryl Taylor