Reflections on energy’s role in our lives

With our own personal woes of bridge decisions, village amalgamations, water, sewer, school and other regional problems, all of which must be addressed, the latest disasters in Japan, a global threat, seem to overpower our local concerns.

The earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis in Japan make one mindful of environmental issues associated with nuclear power plants and the need for more green sources of energy.

Fossil fuels will run out. Nuclear plants, located within the safe zone of population or anywhere else, are ticking time bombs, and should be of major consideration in the future. Unfortunately, without nuclear energy plants and fossil fuels, our industries, modes of transportation, and many other facets of our modern way of life cannot continue at the current pace.

But industry and our modern world will continue – at least for a while. Green sources of energy such as wind, water and solar simply can’t keep up, and we can’t go back to hunters/gatherers.

Is the problem that green energy and it limitations cannot meet our present and future demands, and causes us to risk the potential devastation associated with fallout from nuclear energy? Or is the problem with our own greed to prosess more and more modern amenities just because we can? Maybe those of us who are guilty of living this lifestyle should consider learning to live the way we may be forced to live when only green power is left.

Just a thought.

Ken Schroeder,