Residential parking in Trail isn’t for downtown workers

Residents of East Trail discouraged with lack of parking space due to downtown employees parking in their neighbourhood.

A parking lot or a residential street?

This is what residents of the 1400 block of Columbia Avenue are trying to figure out.

When the Credit Union moved its offices from Waneta to downtown on a floor of the clinic some of the employees figured it would be cheaper and, I imagine, easier to park in East Trail and walk back to work over the bridge.

So we have Kiro Wellness employees in one half of the block and employees from downtown parked in the other half of the block.

Then we have people who need treatment in Kiro but they don’t stay long.

Perhaps we should install our own parking meters if then we would be able to park in front of our own homes or make some money on the side.

Tell me how would you like us to park in front of your house all day?

There’s no room for company to park and you have to go into the alley to unload your car.

Perhaps the Credit Union should be providing parking for their employees.

Something for these ‘’unwanted parkers,” to think about; “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

The reason I’m writing this today is there is a resident who has a son who is disabled and the man of the house was out first thing this morning.

One of the “downtown parkers” parked right in front of his gate while he was away. I think this would be very difficult for this family to have to deal with if the fellow had to be taken out.

Wouldn’t that tick you off?

Patricia Butler