Rosslanders can move to Trail for cheaper taxes

I subscribe to the “Trail Times” to read about what is happening in Trail, which appears to be very little according to what is printed, in my opinion.

Is the City of Rossland  running the paper now because there seems to be a lot of stories regarding the discontent Rossland has with the way the City of Trail is running its affairs.

In my opinion, if the City of Rossland can’t support itself with the tax base it has, it has no choice but to raise taxes and not blame Trail for not sharing more of its tax base.

There is a way for the citizens of Rossland to get some of Trail’s tax base and that is for them to move to Trail, where our mayor according to his Community Comment in the Times, decides what choices you have when he asks for a vote on such things as to what to do with the old bridge.

Oh, and as to the paper, if it wasn’t for the crossword I would discontinue it.

Harold Fryer