Skate park survey raises questions

"...please be honest with us if you have no intentions of building a skateboard park, stop stringing us along."

I must say I am a bit confused about the fact that there was yet another survey conducted regarding whether or not to build a skateboard park. Let’s be frank here: Why is it that the Trail City councils are not able to decide and move forward with it?

It has been over 10 years now.

This was survey #?  This survey was not conducted by the city itself but by a company that randomly selects phone numbers? So only a small per cent of residents were asked? Who suggested this company? For the reason being because it was a third “objective” party?  Now wait a minute here is the city council telling us that there is an issue with being objective at city hall?

We are all residents of Trail, we all pay taxes, we all should have been asked!

We should be able to figure these kinds of things out amongst ourselves. And we should never take a decade to do so. We want this city to be full, rich and vibrant of people? Well then let’s make a decision and move forward.

All the teens that started it are all grown by now.  Other towns around us which are even smaller towns than Trail are able to make it happen.

The concern that the city has about increased vandalism, drugs and alcohol use, if a park would be build are based on what? A skateboard park would not increase these issues. Surrounding communities are able to maintain their parks.  It appears in my eyes these are just excuses of not building a park.

I am asking the city councils to please be honest with us if you have no intentions of building a skateboard park stop stringing us along. Stop wasting money and put it to good use in our community. I truly mean no disrespect by that. But 10 years is a long time.  I am a person that believes if you have a concern you should be also willing to be part of the solution. So if there will be another survey conducted here is my input to make it fair and very cost efficient!  Put a lockbox in city hall, the post office or asked business if they would be willing to do the same.

Inform the public that they have 60 days to vote:

1. If they want a park

2. Where they want the park (you provide them with options)

Then assign objective persons to conduct results. I am willing to volunteer for that if you need me to.

How much would it cost? I am not sure. But I am certain it would be way less than $14,000 or $16,000. I am willing to help the city as a resident and business owner and I might go out on a limb here but I am sure I am not the only one that feels that way.

There is so much talent and willingness to make a difference out there.  If we work together it will make it easier for everyone and issues will be resolved. There is strength in numbers. Let’s make Trail the city it has the potential to be for all young and old.

Right now there is a sense of disconnect in my opinion.

But if we listen to each other and work together anything is possible.

Sabine Mann