Support local workers and they’ll support you

I am writing to express my frustration with the fact that once again a local business has chosen to short change their community and hire an out of town contractor to complete their construction project. As a carpenter local to the area, I watch with dismay as time and time again, local contractors are pushed to the side when bidding on local work. Local contractors hire local workers and sub-contractors, purchase equipment and materials locally and re-invest their profits into the community.

Many out of town contractors, however, hire very few local trades-people, bring their materials and equipment with them, and always bring their profit home.

There are many examples of this practice by municipal and regional governments as well as businesses throughout the West Kootenay; The Firebird Technologies and RDKB buildings in Trail ; the Selkirk College campus renovation and hospital expansion in Nelson, and Castlegar’s Toyota dealership, casino, and JJ’s fashions  are just a few recent  examples of local construction projects that have been built by contractors from elsewhere.

Millions and millions of dollars are being siphoned out of our communities annually, and I urge all local governments, institutions and businesses to put an end to it and think locally for their next project. After all, the people you will benefit are not just your neighbours, but also your constituents, clients and customers.

If you support us we are likely to support you.

Mark Miller