There should be term limits for mayors

Trail resident shares his views on limiting terms for mayors.

Trail mayors prepare for next year’s elections, really! (Local mayors weigh options with election a year away, Trail Times, Nov. 15)

The same old faces who do not have the decency, the honour to step-down, get out of the way.

Oh … there is no one to take their place? No one wants the job? Rubbish.

Everybody knows the system, the same cronies do not want any others to replace them, they get the votes from their cronies, their pals and others who sheepishly vote for them over and over

Mandatory term limits should be placed on all such positions, most of those politicians have worked at Teck and have full pensions and benefits.

Their phony claims about serving is a joke. If there were no benefits, no pay, no gravy, none of them would run for office.

Raymond Hughes