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Thriving pigeon population also leads to dangers for feathered friends

Pigeons versus people

Pigeons versus people – it would appear that this is what those of us who work/live downtown might be facing these days.

My unapologetic love for animals and in this case, birds, places me squarely in the pigeon’s camp.

As people seem to be disappearing from the downtown core, the spaces are filling up with all things feathered.

There seems to be dozens maybe even hundreds of multi coloured pigeons occupying the many awnings that cover the buildings in the downtown area. These birds are beautiful and peaceful creatures at least to me and even though many people may not share my opinion, I would bet that those same people would agree that it is extremely sad to watch one or more of these birds get mowed down by a speeding car.

Yes, cars do speed through the downtown core of Trail with little regard for furry, feathered or human life. It is even sadder to be the one who feels that the remains should not be left to decorate the street for weeks on end.

What is the purpose of placing pots of colourful plants along the streets only to leave the remains of an unfortunate bird right next to them?

My request would be for anyone in town or out of town for that matter to use their expertise regarding birds to let me know if a solution can be found.

As much as I appreciate these birds I will be the first to admit that I know nothing about them.  I would like to know what brought them to the downtown area. I would also like to know if it might be possible to relocate them to a safer location.

I fully expect a slew of return letters addressed to the crazy bird lady regarding this statement but that is OK by me as long as I can persuade people to think about this ever growing problem.

I am willing to learn as much as possible from anyone who may have an idea as to what, if anything, can be done.

In any case to answer those people who would say, “just don’t feed them” let me say that these birds will eat anything including cigarette butts and leaves so that is not the solution either.

I am hoping that the birds will leave with the onset of winter but even that is only a guess. Each spring will bring a new batch of pigeon babies so by next summer I can only imagine what we will have to deal with then. I am looking for feedback and hopefully a solution. Please respond with any suggestions.

Linda Grandbois