Volunteer to prune and plant

It is beautiful at last, two days ago no robins, now 24 robins . . . baked in a pie is entirely possible.

I just read one of the latest newspapers, big news was minimum wage is going up, isn’t it wonderful, it means a raise in rent and five per cent to 20 per cent raise in food costs, it don’t get better than that.

I think it is time for volunteer gardeners to hit the road and do volunteer pruning. I just watched my landlord pruning grape vines. He trimmed them down to nothing and will have great grapes comes fall.

It would be nice if we had some volunteer pruners go door to door.

Many houses have fruit trees, 40 feet tall that produce fruit, small marbles. If the pruner culls it, produces nice fruit in the fall and many grape vines look like a crow’s nest.

Probably I am being generous with someone else’s time to ask them to prune trees on volunteer basis, but it is a fun thing to do, to see a productive tree or vine bearing nice fruit that you helped make happen.

And if one really wanted to feel good, get five pounds of asparagus seed and a sharp stick and plant seeds everywhere.  It is nice to pick wild asparagus and we have many walking paths to plant them.

They say before you die you should plant a tree.

Why not prune several and plant some asparagus, that makes a good gravestone.

This summer I’d like to own a Vespa, paint a house so someone could sell it, and see a house built in Trail that was less than 2,700 square feet.

David Willford