Walking bridge a step in right direction

"The steel in the Old Bridge is deteriorating and the piers are in bad shape."

I believe a lot of people have been misinformed about the Old Bridge and the potential walking bridge. Some people said they just signed the petition, not knowing the consequences. There’s been articles in the paper and leaflets handed out giving the citizens of Trail a great deal of information about the Old Bridge and potential walk-in bridge.

Additional information has been posted on the City of Trail website and Facebook page. Here’s some info I found out about the Old Bridge and potential walking bridge. Just to try to fix the Old Bridge would cost about $15 million to $20 million. That would mean a 15 per cent increase in our taxes.

The steel in the Old Bridge is deteriorating and the piers are in bad shape. You would probably not find an engineer to approve the Old Bridge anyway.

The Old Bridge is over 100 years old and has served its purpose. The Old Bridge has not been used in the last five years and we survived. It’s time to take down the Old Bridge before it falls into the river and causes bigger problems.

The sewer line on the Old Bridge has broken twice with sewage going into the water. The Regional District has no choice but to put in a new sewage line. A new sewage line will go across the river with or without a walking bridge.

Someone suggested putting the sewage line under the river. This would not work; if the line breaks, how long would it take to find the leak? This is too hazardous for the river and the fish.

Some say, “What if we had a disaster?” It would be nice to have a second bridge, but that’s why we have four lanes on our new bridge. That’s one of the reasons the bridge was built with four lanes. Since the petition stopped the potential walking bridge, we have to go to referendum.

We should be looking at the two possibilities that could happen.

We can have one sewage pipeline going across the river with no walkway. What an eyesore that would be, and don’t forget; once the pipeline is across the river, you would not be able to add on a walking bridge with a water line, sewage line and a bike lane.  I also understand that there will be enough room for a small emergency vehicle.

Also, the walking bridge will have a conduit for a fibre optic line for the east side of the river.

Finally, no tax increase for the potential walking bridge. I think everyone should take a hard look at what we’re doing. Remember, the Old Bridge is condemned and coming down. At least let’s get a walking bridge.

As a community, let’s go forwards not backwards.

Terry Hanik,Trail