Warfield council’s decision shocking

"There were no letters in the mail explaining negotiations or any consultation of Warfield residents and their wishes"

As my partner and I arrived at the Trail Recreation and Leisure Centre this evening, we were extremely shocked and disappointed to discover that Warfield has opted out of the Trail Resident Program (TRP). What is even more disappointing and frustrating is that we were informed of this decision through a letter from the Trail Leisure Center and not through those who have made this grievous decision.

There were no letters in the mail explaining negotiations or any consultation of Warfield residents and their wishes regarding the TRP. The lack of communication is unacceptable.

The council and mayor has failed to represented the villagers of Warfield and as a result, have set Warfield back as a community. When decisions affecting everyone are made behind closed doors without consultation and representation, they begin to reflect the traits of a dictatorship opposed to a democracy.

Warfield’s amenities have now been reduced to a pool open two months of the year and an old hall.

While we understand that the TRP does not restrict access to facilities in Trail, by doubling the cost, it may put them out of the reach of many families financially. But who is to know when no consultations were done?

While it is understandable that different communities may have differences in some matters, it is the community representatives’ duty to embody the interest of its residents and leave personal grudges and petty feuds aside.

The interaction between the communities in the Greater Trail area is disgraceful and continues to deteriorate.

When choosing to move to Warfield, the amenities in the community including those offered through the TRP were one of the reasons we chose to live here.

Now that those have significantly increased in cost, we are anxiously awaiting to hear what Warfield’s plans are to replace the losses in kind. Small rebates on property taxes will not suffice, as our annual gym pass fees will increase by $1,000 and it is unlikely that any rebate will amount to this.

We sincerely hope that the mayor and council will reconsider their rash and unwarranted decision regarding the TRP and begin to rebuild the trust they have undoubtedly lost in the community today.

Andrew Van Vliet