What is the message to our kids?

I am writing regarding the Rallies to Protest Hydro and Corix Bullying Tactics held on o Feb 29.

I am writing regarding the Rallies to Protest Hydro and Corix Bullying Tactics held on o Feb 29 (International Anti-bullying day)  outside Fortis in Trail at 11 a.m.

When I first heard of the organized protest I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and so I went on local events to find out what was planned.

On the local’s supporting locals website I found the posting for the event along with locations and times for communities in BC.

Then I checked Trail local events to see if there were any large community demonstrations to support anti-bullying in schools, and disappointed I found none.

I ask the question, were there no parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, or siblings of a child in school at this demonstration?

Is our community immune to the effects of bullying?

Or are these demonstrators OK with the fact that a child is bullied in schools every five seconds, teen suicide rates continue to climb due to bullying in schools and that despite organized events in schools and international prevention days, bullying still goes on in schools and continue to go unreported.

I wonder what message our children would have gotten if all the people who  found the time to be downtown Trail at 11 a.m. at the Fortis building on Feb 29, were instead lining the streets in pink shirts in support of shutting  down bullying in our schools.

I ask the question to those who participated in the Fortis demonstration what is more important.

Smart meters or the wellbeing and potential loss of our local kids to the devastating effects of bullying?

Your choice of demonstration answered that question Feb 29.

Ask your self how smart meters and political agendas could ever be more important than your child’s right not too bullied?

Sheree Schiavon