When is a park not a park?

Local resident weighs in on the new 'park' on Glover Road in Trail.

Very recently, I noticed that now up at the end of Glover Road, around the curve at the top, there is some newly created thing called Glover Road Park. In my eyes, this was a poor idea in wasting still more of the city’s annual operational budget that truly could have been used more wisely elsewhere within the city itself.

It may look nice to those who thought it’d be a wonderful addition, but these same people strike me as just wanting to boost their self-important egos (with also purchasing massive amounts of “flowers” and the like), when much of Trail’s existing infrastructure needs more attention than this pathetic attempt at a “park” (and of course, really unneeded ‘Flower’ saturation especially when the Old Bridge has not required any annual maintenance funding allotment for some time which they now seem to spend on excessive flora and the now ratty “Exploit Their Trail” banners surrounding empty lots that the city doesn’t even own, but want to cover up and hide due to the lost business continuing to bail from the downtown core).

At this new “park,” there’s not even a proper retaining wall to hold the “special” white gravel in place. I’m no architect or engineer, but tacky is tacky and the cost factor, plus labor hours, to throw this together and actually call it a park has to be a joke (and a cruel one at that for City of Trail taxpayers). How about completely restoring and/or replacing a much more needed sidewalk and quite noticeable crumbling railing posts on Glover Road itself? But, noooooo… their priorities seem to be located where the sun don’t shine (if you catch my implication), and where the sun does shine, it’s more important for them to install a very, very, very ultra-tiny “park”?

No Frisbie playing allowed. Why? Because it’s so small that one could traverse the whole area it in only a few strides. It’s so small (how small is it?) that if one was to lay out a picnic blanket on the non-existent grass, there’d be no room for anyone or anything else.

Don’t bother trying to walk a dog here unless you own a Chihuahua or some other toy breed; and even at that no more than one dog and dog walker at one time as the “park” is too miniscule to withstand any more congestion. It’s not a “park”. On a very, very, very small corner lot, it’s some concrete, a bench, some expensively made signage, some shrubs, and pricey white gravel, that without any retaining wall will in a few years be mostly over and down a steep bank due to snow, settling, and gravity.

Thank you very much city hall and all persons responsible at city works. I haven’t had such a good laugh in quite some time (since the Palm Trees wastage), though it’s too bad (and quite sad) this laugh again costs more than what it was worth overall.

Don Ball