A Ferris Wheel is back in Trail for the first time in a number of years

A Ferris Wheel is back in Trail for the first time in a number of years

Community pitches in for ‘Homecoming Celebration’

Nothing says welcome to Trail more than gathering around a picnic table eating local cuisine.

Nothing says welcome to Trail more than gathering around a picnic table and eating local cuisine with neighbours , out-of-town friends and family.

That’s what is on the menu for this year’s Silver City Days (SCD) homecoming theme a local spin with artisan pizza from Salmo, Nelson’s Simply Siam authentic Thai food, smokin’ barbeque from Slocan Valley, refreshments from Rossland’s Valhalla Lemonade, and a whole lot more not just on Spokane Street but also in the Cominco Arena on Saturday, and Gyro Park, Sunday.

“We started marketing earlier and gave local people an opportunity to get on board,” says Coun. Sandy Santori, city representative on the SCD committee. “We opened up the door and had an application process, because we are a small working town and we wanted to make sure prices are reasonable.”

Creating opportunities for local non-profits and bringing new faces to the volunteer pool was another key factor, Santori said.

“They can get involved for two reasons,” he explained. “They have a chance to get exposure for their cause, and they have an opportunity to make some money.”

Four PAC (Parent Advisory Council) groups are cooking and providing children’s games at Gyro Park on Sunday for Family Fun Day but in the meantime, other service groups and local businesses are lending a hand.

Santori pointed to a long row of newly constructed picnic tables lining the Spokane Street Food Fair, most filled with Thursday afternoon noshers.

“Look at the tables, we had to buy all brand new ones this year,” he continued. “Maglios (Maglio Building Centre,Trail) provided all the material for free and Hil-Tech Contracting built them for free didn’t cost us a nickel.”

Besides many local merchants and businesses pitching in, high school and college students are volunteering time plus know-how.

Food services workers and a crew from Career Development Services are playing a role in cafe cooking and city clean up even teenagers are on board this year.

“Just last night the J.L.Crowe kids were here until 10 p.m. sweeping and cleaning up the grounds,” Santori said. “If we can illustrate Silver City Days was a good performance this year, I think we’ll entice other groups next year. And it’s great to see so many different locals and their causes.”

At the end of the day, the goal of “A Homecoming Celebration” is to welcome newcomers to Trail, show them local flair, and encourage others to come back home every first week of May.

“If you come back to visit once or twice a year, make Silver City Days the time to come back,” added Santori.

Besides street fair and the Sidewalk Cafe, for two days beginning Friday, Spokane Street to Cedar Avenue will be blocked off with 36 outdoor stalls set up 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the Silver City Days market.

Most are Kootenay businesses, featuring everything from henna body art, tarot card reading and palmistry, to jewelry by a Rossland goldsmith, homecrafted wood items like birdhouses, planters and benches and foodstuff such as hot sauces, kettle corn and preserves. Those who like a little history with their market shopping should note a booth of historical items dating back to the 1700s will be on site.

Lindy Barta from the Trail and District chamber reminds event-goers to drop by the “Info on the Go” tent. Representing the Trail Visitor Centre, students will be on hand providing local information to residents and guests.

Finally, this is the first year Shooting Star Amusements is providing midway rides. Prices are comparable to last year, though $35 wrist bands are available (per person) each day of Silver City Days. For detailed information on all the rides and prices at the Trail event, visit shootingstar.ca and click on the Trail Silver City Days link.