Silver City Days: City of Trail set to roll out new float for Saturday’s parade

“The design is meant to be timeless in order to showcase the true essence, feel, and foundation of our great city,”

While the details of the latest parade float for the City of Trail are being kept behind a veil of secrecy typically reserved for military weaponry technology or royal births, city staff was willing to release enough information to tease any residents wondering what might be on display for the Firefighters Parade Saturday.

“The design is meant to be timeless in order to showcase the true essence, feel, and foundation of our great city,” Andrea Jolly, communications and event coordinator for the city said in an email.

“The float will represent Trail as it tours around the province for years to come.”

The design of the new creation is the work of Jolly and the team at Across the Board Creations, a production company in Creston, which manufactures everything from movie and TV props to sculptures, industrial models, and museum exhibits.

The total budget for the “float of mystery” was $70,000

The manufacturers worked from concept discussions with city staff, photos of the city, and even travelled to Trail to try to get a feel that could be translated into the design.

“From a technical standpoint the unit is 36 feet long in parade mode and has been outfitted with a high efficiency Yanmar engine,” Bryan Maloney, purchasing and mechanical superintendent for the city, said in an email.

“The drive and hydraulics on the unit are state of the art and the design of the frame is partially aluminum and aircraft components. Needless to say movie set art work and technology has gone into the build for this project as well.”

After its inaugural run at Silver City Days it will be making the festival rounds of the area, as well as Alberta, and Washington State at the Creston Valley Blossom Festival, Beaver Valley May Days, Montrose Days, the Castlegar Sunfest, and the Calgary Stampede.

The old float that is being replaced originally went into service in 2001 and saw considerable miles in its 13-year run but was at the point of being both dated design-wise and hard to maintain mechanically.

Parade enthusiasts can watch for the new float near the front of the parade Saturday when the parade begins at 11 a.m.