Jay Bella owner of Trail Speedpro Signs is sponsoring employee Sarah Fiegler.

Jay Bella owner of Trail Speedpro Signs is sponsoring employee Sarah Fiegler.

We’ve got your back Fort Mac

Jay Bella from Trail Speedpro Signs is sponsoring his employee Sarah Fiegler.


We’ve got your back Fort Mac.

That’s the message locals are sending to fellow Albertans along with donated dollars for Canadian Red Cross wildfire relief.

Over the weekend Sarah Fiegler from Trail Speedpro Signs raised $300 offering “We’ve got your back Fort Mac” hard hat decals and bumper stickers for a $5 and $10 donation respectively. She’s quick to say most would donate to the cause even without a sticker to show, but having one is a sign of solidarity for our neighbours to the east.

Decals are available at the downtown Trail business now, and will be available during Trail’s incrEDIBLE Farmers Market on Cedar Avenue this Saturday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Fiegler, originally from Alberta, also purchased hair product gifts from a local salon and will sell tickets before raffling off the packages later that day.

Speedpro’s Fort Mac campaign adds to another sweet fundraiser slated for the city’s inaugural farmers market Kay Bouma from Kreative Cupcakes is donating 200 of her fancy treats, hosting Cupcakes for Alberta! that day, with all proceeds going to Red Cross emergency support.

A minimum $3 donation is requested for a very vanilla or triple chocolate cupcake, or customers can pre-order cupcakes by the dozen for $36. For more information, email Bouma at kkaybouma@gmail.com.

Bouma will again host the (hashtag) #AlbertaStrong cupcake fundraiser at the second farmers market on May 28.

The displacement of more than 80,000 people and the impact of wildfire hit home Monday night during Trail council.

“I suggest that somehow the City of Trail come forward and provide some support, what we see there is absolutely incredible,” said Mayor Mike Martin. “I ask staff to have a look at what other communities are doing and bring forward something for consideration in regard to financial support.”

Secondly, Coun. Kevin Jolly requested Martin as a regional director, investigate ways to publicly convey the local emergency preparedness plan.

“Specifically wildfire preparedness for our region,” said Jolly. “And as our RDKB representative, bringing forward the issue and hopefully getting support and incentive to put an awareness plan in place for our local communities as we head into wildfire season in our area.”

Council agreed to both requests, with Martin mentioning the latter could provide an effective educational opportunity.

On Tuesday, the Alberta government reported the fire had grown to 229,00 hectares (approximately twice the size of Calgary) but was moving away from Fort McMurray in the southeast direction.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley reported about 90 per cent of the city is intact, and 2,400 structures lost following a tour of the city the day previous.

Notley said it’s not safe for people to return to homes that are still standing because large sections of town are without power, gas and water.

Crews will need weeks of work before the city is safe, Notley added, it will take two weeks to formulate a schedule for Fort McMurray and area residents to return to their homes.

Close to $250,000 was donated for relief efforts in BC Liquor Stores the province reported Monday.

The funds will go directly to helping the Red Cross provide emergency assistance as Alberta recovers and rebuilding from the effects of the devastating wildfire. The money builds on the province’s $300,000 assistance announced May 6, and British Columbians are encouraged to keep donating in increments of $2, $5 or greater.