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Where are Trail's hidden treasures?

Behind the scenes the clock is ticking to stock the museum/library with important historical artifacts.
Jamie Forbes of the Trail Historical Society is asking residents to look through their homes for any items that might be of interest for the new museum in the Riverfront Centre. The society only has a couple of weeks left to complete the content for exhibits and is hoping the call out to the public will help fill some gaps left in the society’s artifact collection.

While the Riverfront Centre is in the early stages of construction, behind the scenes the clock is ticking to stock the museum/library with important historical artifacts.

With that in mind, the Trail Historical Society (THS) has been combing through massive amounts of photographs, artifacts and stories pertaining to Trail’s history.

However, despite the plethora of items, the society is still hoping the public can help fill some glaring gaps with time running out.

Jamie Forbes of the THS explained that photographs, stories and artifacts must be combined over the next couple of weeks before shipping the packages to Calgary where the exhibits will be fabricated.

“We are required to have all the exhibit content to the exhibit designer by mid-February,” he said.

The staff and board has almost all the stories to be included with the exhibits complete and this week it will be selecting suitable photographs for each exhibit.

But Forbes is hoping the community will look into their closets, attics or basements to help staff find some important artifacts highlighting the city’s rich past.

While the society has plenty of photos, Forbes explained they are looking for unique items like old jerseys, Little League and minor hockey, and trophies from the 1950s or older.

“There are some items we are seeking for a few exhibits that we need to try to locate before (the deadline). They are items that will make a significant difference to the type of exhibit that we will have.

“We are hoping there are people in the community that may have these things that would be willing to donate them to us.”

He offered up a wish-list of important items that will greatly add to the exhibits.

A set of bag pipes for the exhibit on the history of the Trail Pipe Band

Older Little League jerseys or uniforms. “We have none of these and the Little League history exhibit needs some more artifacts to fill out the story. Any photos of game action at the old ball parks would also be appreciated,” said Forbes.

Any WIHL hockey memorabilia such as team jerseys, programs or photos. “There is going to be a large exhibit on the league and each team will be highlighted and memorabilia for these exhibits is desperately needed particularly the teams from the East Kootenay region.”

Trail Smoke Eater jerseys from the 1970 to 1980 era with the smoke style logo. Team photos as well.

Trail Smoke Eater jerseys from the 1950’s.

Trail Minor hockey items, particularly any trophies, jerseys or old photos.

“As I say these are our top priorities at the moment but any item that may be of value to us will not be refused,” Forbes added.

“We have about three weeks to finalize the exhibit content so time is of the essence. If we don’t get them in the design now they cannot be added later once exhibit has be fabricated.

“It’s a now-or-never sort of thing.”

Anyone wishing to donate items should contact the Trail Historical Society at 250-364-0829.