As the Crowe flies: Crowe gears up for basketball season

The senior girls volleyball team played wonderfully this season and had many victories; they also bonded as a team.

With winter here, and the frost clinging to the crisp grass, comes a bittersweet end to J. L. Crowe Secondary volleyball.

The senior girls played wonderfully this season and had many victories; they also bonded as a team.

Although their adventure unfortunately ended in Nelson, during the playoffs the girls have many fond memories they can reminisce over for the rest of their lives.

“The playoffs in Nelson were honestly a fight to the finish, both teams gave it their all and there were countless close calls and amazing saves,” said senior girls volleyball player Lenelle Kutzner, a graduating student that has been a skilled and valued athlete who will be missed.

“I served the very last ball at game point, the last time I would serve a ball over the net for the senior volleyball team. I knew at that moment that this was what it was all for, and thank goodness I got it over. I will never forget the years of enjoyment I shared with the many different girls, and this year was a great season.

“We may have lost the game but we fought to the very end, and that in itself was a good enough finale for me.”

In other news, the girls field hockey team’s journey ended as well in their provincial tournament where they placed 10th out of 12 teams. Despite the end of the season, the girls dedicated themselves fully to the team this year. Always giving their full effort, the girls utilized their strength to conquer many teams throughout the year. After a season of demonstrating their skill, the graduating players will be missed.

Looking to the future, basketball has arrived for the year at J.L Crowe.

Grade eight, junior and senior have both boys and girls teams making up six different teams.

Practices are beginning and the teams already show promise and foreshadow an extremely exciting and entertaining season of basketball.