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Big wins for Pride Gym in Big Sky state

Pride Gym MMA fighter Keanan Patershuk wins first professional bout in decisive fashion
From left: Pride Gym’s Brandon Krumm, Keanan Patershuck, Tyler Harry, and Matt Cousineau at the Fusion Fight League in Billings, Mont. (Contributed)

Pride Gym fighters Tyler Harry and Keanan “Porrada” Patershuk travelled down to Billings, Montana, to fight in The Fusion Fight League on Sept. 17.

Rossland fighter Patershuk fought in his first professional bout just over a month after winning the light heavyweight title at the Proving Grounds in Spokane with impressive results.

“We got the call to come down to Montana to fight on short notice to fight in three weeks,” said Pride Gym owner/trainer Glen Kalesniko.

First up was Tyler Harry of Trail taking on Brian “Blood Bath “ Borst of Grindhouse Gym in Billings in a Fly Weight Title match for the Fusion Fight League 125-pound belt.

Harry came out with strong strikes that put Borst on the defence and made him shoot for a take down. Tyler defended his take down, put Borst on his back and rained down the ground and pound.

Tyler finished the first Round in a full assault of punches until the bell ended the round.

The Second round, Harry came out on the offence and put on the pressure. He put Borst on his back and again executed the ground and pound to win by TKO and capture the Fusion Fight League Flyweight Belt.

Patershuk then made his Pro Debut against Erik “Lizard Man” Teer from Gardiner, Mont.

The Pride Gym fighter didn’t waste any time winning this fight as he started the round with strong leg kicks.

Patershuk threw a fast head kick that set up an over-hand right that sent Teer backpedaling onto the cage. Keanan clinched Teer and dragged him down to the mat where he unleashed heavy punches until Teer turned himself face down on the mat. Patershuk then slapped on a quick rear naked choke that forced his opponent to tap out just 51 seconds into the first round in his professional debut.

“Big Thanks to Our Pride Gym team and members, preparing these two Pride Gym fighters for their fights especially on three week notice,” said Kalesniko. “Our Team did a brilliant job with Tyler and Keanan through this fight camp.

“We couldn’t do this without you all!”

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