Curlers cue the comeback

The Retirees men’s curling took to the ice for it’s final matches before Christmas with a dramatic comeback.

  • Dec. 21, 2013 11:00 a.m.

The Retirees men’s curling took to the ice for it’s final matches before Christmas, with the common theme for the night – the dramatic comeback.

In a see-saw battle between team Horan and team Wyton, Horan skip Cal McKerracher completed the comeback in the eighth by scoring three for an 8-7 victory over team Wyton, skipped by Frank Jorgensen.

In the second match up, Team Stewart had a strong start over team Coleman, but  Coleman stormed back in the final couple of ends to tie it going into the eighth end.  Mario Favero, skipping the Stewart rink skinnied through a sea of guards with his last rock for a hit and stick to break the tie.  Make the score 7–6  Stewart.

The Hall rink, skipped by Larry Martin, faced the Walsh foursome skipped by Guido Babuin.  The Hall side, thanks to strong play by second Dave Debiasio, scored one in each of its first four ends.  After trading three’s, the Hall side went on to a 9–3 win.

The leaders of this session, the Pasquali rink, skipped by the incomparable Pat Fennell, faced the Handley rink, skipped by Alvin Caron.  The Pasquali rink trailed going into the final end with hammer, but with the pressure on, Fennell needed full eight foot with his final stone for the tie.  Like the seasoned vet he is Fennell made the shot.

With the tie the Pasquali rink is neck-and-neck with the Rakuson team with only two games left in this session.