Curling: Corvus’ perfect season ends

Team van Yzerloo toppled Corvus Construction from the ranks of the undefeated this past week in Super League curling action.

Team van Yzerloo toppled Corvus Construction from the ranks of the undefeated this past week in Kootenay Savings Super League action at the Trail Curling Club.

Corvus Construction put their perfect season on the line against a highly focused Team vanYzerloo. Skip Bill van Yzerloo, with cousin Rich Faunt playing third this week, caught onto the tricky ice conditions early, stealing the first four ends and seizing a 6-0 lead. Corvus Skip Deane Horning made a perfect double take-out for two, to get on the board in the fifth , and another in the seventh. But vanYzerloo countered with his own deuce in the sixth and had one buried with one rock remaining in the eighth, when Corvus took off the gloves to concede to a frustrating 9-4 defeat and the end of their undefeated season.

A couple of crafty skips faced off in the Team Beauchamp versus Team Fines tilt. After Fines took the early lead with a deuce in the second, Skip Russ Beauchamp responded with a come around tap for three in the third. Skip Ken Fines was forced to take one in the fourth then stole the fifth to tie the game at 4-4. Fines finally grabbed the lead with a deuce in the ninth to be one up coming home without, but racked on his last rock come around, leaving Russ an open draw for two, and an exciting 8-7 win.

Team Albo continued their stellar play against Heather Nichols ladies rink. Albo’s front end of Don Williams and Courtney Schmidt continually caused havoc for the Nichol rink, contributing to stealing five ends, leading to an 11-5 win.

Team Umpherville, with Marcus Partridge throwing skip stones, waged a back-and-forth affair with Team Nichol. Team Umpherville was up 5-2 after a steal in the fourth, but skip Myron righted the ship to take 5 of the next 6 points and the lead after eight. Umpherville scored two in the ninth to be back in the lead, and looked to have a steal for the win, before Nichol made one of the shots of the year, running a double guard onto his own, chipping it onto the button for an 8-8 tie.