Economic bust means cheaper game tickets for us

There is something good about the imminent collapse of the American way of life, after all.

There is something good about the imminent collapse of the American way of life, after all.

Ticket prices for every major sport except NFL football have plummeted, meaning folks who have jobs and like to attend big league events every once in a while can do so affordably – factoring out travel and $10 beers and burgers, of course.

Almost all major league ball teams, for instance, have tickets listed on Stubhub for half or less of their face value. Good tickets as well as nosebleeders.

The same has been true in the NBA and NHL, for many if not quite all teams.

The NFL, with the money-printing television buffer deal in which all of its teams share, so far seems immune to the trend, and some deep-pocketed baseball, basketball and hockey clubs are almost holding their own.

The interesting thing is, re-sellers like Stubhub, which initially caused upticks in pricing – which led teams to raise prices on their point-of-access sites – are now the go-to places for bargains on many events, including concerts.

If you are the type that doesn’t bother to shop, this won’t matter. If you are among those who like to get a deal on things, it is very good news. If you are a fan of an already strapped, smaller market team – or just one with money-grubbing-only owners – be prepared for a long period of little success to cheer.

As long as they stay in business, however, affordable tickets to watch them play will be available.  Check and compare team and re-seller deals before you buy.

Not much time left, now, for you to book your participation in the summer’s biggest event, the B.C. Seniors Games, as a volunteer. Visit to sign up so you can help out somewhere and make us all look good in the process.

It will be an opportunity to meet new people, teach them about here and learn about their area, and encourage them to come back when they aren’t so busy competing so they can really enjoy what this area and its businesses have to offer, year-round.

Even if you think it, try not to hint they should do their shopping in Spokane or Kelowna – our area needs their business.