Exercise aids arthritis

"It only takes moderate, low impact exercise on a consistent basis to increase joint mobility."

There are many benefits to exercise for people suffering from arthritis, but when your joints are stiff and causing pain, it’s hard to get up and get moving, let alone start exercising.

The problem is the more you avoid exercise due to painful joints, the worse your condition will get.

Disuse syndrome can develop in as little as three days of being immobile. Medical complications of disuse syndrome are numerous and can lead to decreased physical work capacity, (activities of daily living), muscle atrophy (wasting away of muscle tone), osteoporosis, contracture of connective tissue, deconditioning of cardiovascular system, pulmonary restrictions, protein imbalance, and even mental depression.

The greater the loss of functional capabilities, the greater the loss the of independence in activities of daily living.

Exercise can prevent, minimize, and even reverse the effects of disuse syndrome, even if the disabilities are severe.

It only takes moderate, low impact exercise on a consistent basis to increase joint mobility.

Exercise will strengthen the muscles around your joints, supporting the joints, as well as one’s posture, help maintain and improve bone strength, increase your energy, help control your weight, improve your sleep, improve your cardiovascular health, and gives you a sense of well-being therefore improving your quality of life, and it doesn’t have to be a painful process.

Many people find themselves enjoying the activities that they were no longer able to, activities of daily living, like walking, gardening, and having more energy.

Once you have your physician’s consent, you can start with a gradual personalized exercise program designed for your individual needs.

Diana Howard is a certified elite personal trainer, specialist in performance nutrition and a specialist in exercise therapy.

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