Impact Magazine named Greater Trail native Chad Brandt as one of Canada’s top personal fitness trainers. Brian Gehring photo

Impact Magazine named Greater Trail native Chad Brandt as one of Canada’s top personal fitness trainers. Brian Gehring photo

Greater Trail native Chad Brandt makes Impact as top fitness trainer

Fitness changed Chad Brandt’s life now he’s hoping to make a difference by training others

Impact Magazine recognized Greater Trail native Chad Brandt as one of Canada’s top physical-fitness trainers.

The January edition of the popular health and fitness magazine featured Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers, and the 43-year-old Brandt, a Lethbridge resident, topped the list in Alberta.

“I was chosen to be in the magazine based of the many ‘Transformations’ I have done over the years,” said Brandt in an email to the Times. “I did not know I had been nominated, but I guess all my clients sent in their before-and-after photos and bam I made the magazine.

“Very honoured and grateful.”

Impact received 650 nominations, naming almost 150 of the best trainers in Canada. The magazine surveyed those trainers, evaluated their qualifications and responses to a series of questions on subjects that included their experience, fitness philosophy, success stories and community involvement, as well as the enthusiasm of their nominators.

“In this issue we present the trainers who rose to the top of the chin-up bar,” wrote authors Sheldon Smith and Chris Welner.

Brandt’s dedication to fitness saved his life. It helped him overcome depression and alcohol addiction and put him on a path to recovery by not only dedicating his life to fitness and natural bodybuilding, but by training others and helping them find their own “inner athlete.”

“Working out started to make me feel better, that led to walking more and eating better,” Brandt told Impact Magazine. “I made fitness my career because of what it did for me and I’m passionate about sharing that with others.”

Brandt’s training philosophy is both practical and poignant and can improve one’s lifestyle at work and at home by enabling people to make healthy eating and fitness decisions.

“Work and train smart,” said Brandt. “See that you improve your health and fitness so that you can get down onto the floor to play with your kids or grandkids.”

One of Brandt’s greatest fitness challenges hit very close to home when he convinced his wife, Katrina, to join one of his fitness classes.

“She avoided the gym and hated working out. I convinced her to give it a try and join a strength training class I was starting. Despite complaining (a lot), she started to pick up the movements relatively quickly and, over time, fell in love with Olympic weightlifting.”

Katrina has since medalled in numerous Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions, and is Chad’s partner and health and fitness coach at Action Conditioning in Lethbridge.

Many of Brandt’s clients overcome debilitating eating habits, health issues, and obesity, literally transforming their lives while transforming their bodies, including Kara Fleming who dropped almost 100 pounds under Brandt’s guidance.

“Chad has worked hard with me to overcome some major food issues,” wrote Fleming. “He has taught me flexible eating and to enjoy food again … I recently competed in a CrossFit challenge and my workout partner and I came in first place. I have gone out of my comfort zone because Chad believed in me and supported me. I am 41 years old and have struggled with my weight for years. I was 237 pounds when I first met Chad and started his group classes, I am now 142 pounds. I am strong and I am confident … and could not be happier with the results. I am happy and healthy and super strong.

To find out more about Brandt’s online fitness go to or, on FaceBook, visit Action Fitness & Conditioning.