Hawks bind community

"Beaver Valley is going to be the only thing actively uniting this area for the foreseeable future, it seems."

It is a very good thing the Nitehawks are moving along through the playoffs and will likely survive through at least the next month.

Beaver Valley is going to be the only thing actively uniting this area for the foreseeable future, it seems. The team is a truly local enterprise, owned and operated very successfully by local people and boasting a roster laden with local talent (currently 10 players from Greater Trail). It should be a no-brainer for the wider community to embrace and support their efforts.

That is unlike much of what passes for community involvement around here, from recreational/educational services to infrastructure maintenance.

Go Nitehawks! And go fans – out to the valley on Monday to shoehorn your way into the Hawks’ Nest.

• Here and in the wider world of Canadian Hockey the next couple of months are likely to be divisive as well.

At present only one Canadian NHL franchise has a spot, and likely a lock, on playoff competition, that being the Montreal Canadians. However, despite their name, the Habs do not have a lock on Canadian fan support.

It has been well said before that here and in the cross country world of hockey fandom, there are, “Habs,” and, “Habs Not,” and even if Monteal becomes the only Canadian entry in the Stanley Cup race it is highly doubtful that twain will meet in common cause.

It seems unlikely that Montreal has the horses to make a run to the Cup and become the first Canadian team to win that trophy in 21 seasons (Habs, 93), but even in that unlikely event one supposes only half, at best, of Canadian hockey fans will be on board with the celebration.

Even the stellar performance of Carey Price during Canada’s gold medal run in Socchi was denigrated by many as a ride-along with a dominant team – even here where he is a feel good B.C. success story – mostly because in real life Price toils in the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

Oh, well, I hope, at least, that we can all be on board with welcoming Spring – if it ever shows up.