Kootenay Savings Super League

Kootenay Savings Super League: Underdogs knock off top teams

Team Bartlett Excavating curls to decisive win over first-place Team van Yzerloo

It was revenge week in the Kootenay Savings Super League as all the top teams took it on the chin by the highly motivated underdog teams.

Team Bartlett Excavating, skipped by Devo Devine, was relentless against Team Bill van Yzerloo. Team Bartlett caught on to the tricky ice early, with perfect draws around cover by their front end of Rob Darrah and Kevin Maffioli, leading to an easy three ender to start.

Team Bartlett jumped out to a 5-0 lead after Skip van Yzerloo came up short on his last rock draws in the second and third ends. The fourth end saw some fabulous shot making by both skips, with van Yzerloo executing a double raise, double take-out with his first rock, followed by Skip Devine’s double take-out to get on the board and rolling behind cover, and finishing with Skip van Yzerloo’s raise double take-out to for a deuce. It was all Team Bartlett after that, scoring two right back in the fifth, and stealing two in the sixth for a 9-2 drubbing.

Team Ken Fines and Team Myron Nichol played a tight defensive battle. Skip Nichol attempted a split for three in the first, but both rocks rolled just short of the rings, settling for a single point.

Skip Fines rolled out on his last rock take-out to score only one in the second, followed by a Nichol hit and stick for one in the third. Team Fines blanked the fourth, then Skip Fines, facing three, made a clutch draw to the 4-foot to tie the game at 2-2. Skip Nichol made two perfect draws in the sixth for a deuce, but Team Fines responded with a two of their own to be all knotted up at 4 coming home. With plenty of guards in play, the wily veteran Fines drew around cover to the top of the 4-foot with his last that Skip Nichol couldn’t replicate, ticking the guard for a 5-4 Team Fines win.

It was a back and forth affair between Team Re/Max All Pro Realty, skipped by Darrin Albo, against Team Nathan Small.

The game featured a lot of guards in play, which Team Re/Max took advantage of to steal singles in the first and second ends. Skip Small righted the ship with a nice hit n roll behind cover with his first, then had an open draw for three with his last in the 3rd. Team Re/Max responded with a skippers deuce, as Skip Albo made two perfect draws around cover.

Skip Albo clipped a guard with his last rock in the 5th, allowing Skip Small another open draw for a field goal to go up 6-4. Both teams were forced to singles in the sixth and seventh, before Skip Albo made a nice wide path draw to the 4-foot for two in the eighth, and an exciting 7-7 tie.

Team Les Lepine took early control of their game against Team Brian LeMoel, and never let down. After blanking the first, Skip Lepine made both draws around cover for two in the second. Facing four guarded stones in the third, Skip LeMoel’s difficult double raise tap to the 4-foot came up just short for a Lepine steal of two, then came up just light again, for a Lepine steal of one in the fourth.

Skip LeMoel got his team on the board with a nice come around tap for a single in the fifth, then another nice draw led to a steal of one in the sixth. Team LeMoel tried to mount a comeback with lots of rocks in play in the last two ends, but Skip Lepine outdrew three LeMoel stones for one in the seventh, then executed a perfect come around freeze on the button against four Lemoel rocks in the eighth for an entertaining 7-2 victory.

That completes the Kootenay Savings Super League 1st half of the Double Round Robin schedule.


van Yzerloo — 10

Nichol — 10

Small — 9

LeMoel — 8

Bartlett (Devine) — 8

Lepine — 4

Fines — 4

Re/Max (Albo) — 3

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