Kootenay Savings Super League weekly report

Kootenay Savings Super League weekly report

Shorthanded van Yzerloo team gets by Salviulo

Kootenay Savings Super League was back in action Thursday.

Team Bill van Yzerloo’s was missing their skip and third, so had the usual front end of Richard Faunt and Alex Coutts step up into the top positions for their game against Team Nando Salviulo.

Nando stole two in the first, when Skip Faunts last rock stayed wide, chipping in a second Salviulo stone, and rolled over taking out their shot stone. Faunt had a chance at a double for five in the second, but again the takeout tracked wide, only hitting the intended stone thin for three. Skip Nando attempted to blank the third, but hit and stuck for a single. Team van Yzerloo was forced to one in the fourth, but were looking for a huge steal in the fifth, laying five totally buried. Skip Nando’s only option was to play a delicate triple raise tap to the 8-foot, cutting van Yzerloo down to a steal of two. After Salviulo blanked the sixth, van Yzerloo stole another deuce in the seventh for a handshaking 8-3 win.

Team Les Lepine, skipped by Murray Walsh this week, had their A-game going against Team Nathan Small. Skip Walsh made a hit and stick for one in the first, then stole singles in the second, third and fourth ends for the early 4-0 lead. Team Small got on the board with one in the fifth, before the game was called in the sixth.

Team Desiree Borsato had been rolling of late, but ran into a buzzsaw this night in form of Team Myron Nichol. Borsato third, Brittany Horbul, made a nice draw around guards to the button, but was quickly removed when Nichol third, Garry Beaudry, executed a perfect long angle raise take-out to lay three. After Skip Borsato crashed on a guard, Nichol had a free draw for a huge five in the first. Skip Borsato, facing four opposition stones, made a beautiful hit and roll for one in the second, but couldn’t stop the juggernaut. Nichol put up a large four in the third on the way to a 9-2 win.

All the games were ending early on this night, and the match-up between Team Brian Lemoel and Team Ken Fines followed the trend.

Skip Lemoel had an open draw for two in the first, followed by Skip Fines making a hit and stick for one in the second. Team Lemoel extended their lead with another draw for two in the third, then again held Team Fines to a single in four. Team Lemoel broke the game wide open in the fifth, when Skip Brian’s sweepers held his last rock take-out on line for a huge four ender, and an 8-4 Lemoel win.