Police sniff out familiar grow site

Parrots also found at location but refuse to talk to RCMP

Police literally caught wind of a marijuana grow operation near Salmo mid-month during a traffic check along Highway 6.

One officer smelt a distinct vegetative marijuana odour emanating from a property that was formerly operated as a sawmill, which led to the West Kootenay Traffic Services obtaining a warrant and executing a search on Dec. 10.

Four-hundred-and-fifty plants were seized from the highly sophisticated flood and flush marijuana grow on the property, which is known to the police.

Two men in their 30s, who were arrested on site, face drug-related charges but were released for future court dates. Police anticipate the arrest of a third man, who is connected to the property.

This is the same location where a grow operation was discovered following the odd sighting of large and colourful macaw parrots seen flying near the highway two years ago. In June 2009, police dismantled a grow op on this rural property but the investigation didn’t result in charges.

“It appears that birds of a feather continue to flock together on this property, as the grow was located in the same room as the first time, adjacent to the large parrot enclosure, with eight birds or so still on site,” Cpl. Dan Moskaluk, RCMP senior media relations officer for the southeast and northeast district, said in a news release.

“None of the birds were cooperative and refused to talk about the grow op.”