Red Mountain Racers: Giant slalom races at Red Mountain

Red Mountain Racers start their runs as officials look on during last weekend’s giant slalom races at Red Mountain.

The Red Mountain Racers hosted the Teck U16 and U14 races on the weekend with some great results.

Soleil Patterson and Daniel Larriu Altadill lit up the course on Saturday and Sunday with Patterson taking gold in both Giant Slaloms in the U-16 girls and Larriu Altadill winning two gold and a silver for the U-14 boys event.

Patterson laid down a two-run combined time of 1:46.6 on Saturday for first spot with Finley Spiegl of Windermere taking second and Kelsey Voss third.

The Rossland native then clocked a 1:42.9 on Sunday to lead all skiers, with Stephanie Runge and Spiegl taking second and third rescpectively. Red’s Lienne Groeger just missed the podium with a fourth place finish in Sunday’s GS.

Larriu Altadill sped down the course in 54.35 seconds in the opening run to take first spot, and took gold again in his second run. But the U-14 skier lost some ground on Sunday, settling for a silver in his third trip through the gates and a sixth-place finish in his final run.

RMR’s Vasily Koltsov swept the bronze medal category in three of the four races narrowly missing a silver by one tenth of a second in his first run.

Isaac Lunn recorded two seventh place finishes, while in the U14 girls Kaysa Panke was the RMR’s top skier finishing sixth in the first, second, and fouth runs, and seventh in the third.

Nicole Foster of Fernie won three of four golds in the U-14 girls, while Whitewater’s Jamis Beattie won two gold in the U-16 boys.