Retiree skips take rare day off

The Mens Retiree Curling Club gave their skips a day off on the five-man teams.

The Mens Retiree Curling Club gave their skips a day off on the five-man teams and on four-man teams the skips played lead, often poorly.

Such was the case with the Tom Hall rink, playing the Ernie Brown foursome. The turning point early in the game, was skip John Dyer’s draw to the top four foot buried. A steal of one for the Hall team against possible four or five for Brown. Make the final Hall 7, Brown 6.

Skip Murray Walsh, playing lead set up the first few ends perfectly against team Kevin Oliver. (Kevin also playing lead.) Sergio Peloso playing second for Walsh was deadly accurate cleaning house for skip Cliff Tyson. Make the final 10 – 2 for Walsh

Team Brett Rakuson got off to a strong start against team Primo Secco, leading four nothing after three ends. The turning point for the Secco rink was the sixth end when they scored a duce. Then stealing two in seven and three in eight sealed the deal. Make the final 8–5 for Secco.

Team Forrest Drinnan made a tough draw for one in the first end against team Dan Horan. It proved to be an insurmountable lead, as they stole the next five ends. Handshakes after six ends.

The Harvey Handley foursome one’d team Serge Pasquali into submission. Up 4-0 after four Handley gave up three in the fifth to make it close. Harvey followed up with one in six and one in seven. Team Pasquali could only manage a deuce in eight to come up one short.