Retirees curling: Tight games and ties for Retirees

A well played game between the Handley foursome and team Horan, came down to a steal of one in the sixth end.

In Retirees Curling at the Trail Curling Club, a well played game between the Harvey Handley foursome and team Dan Horan, came down to a steal of one in the sixth end that proved to be the difference.  Neither team could score more than one in any end and it was Harvey’s last rock in the eighth that avoided the tie and cemented the 5-3 Handley win.

In an offensive display by both team Forest Drinnan and team Ernie Brown, crooked numbers filled the score board.  When the fog cleared after eight ends, the game was tied at nines.

Team Murray Walsh started slowly against team Jim Stewart.  Down 5-2 after four ends they rallied back taking an 8-5 lead into the last end.  Team Stewart with hammer needed four for the win, but only managed three for the tie, 8-8.

Team Brett Rakuson was cruising along with an 8-3 lead after five ends on team Serge Pasquali.  Pasquali mounted a comeback, taking two in the sixth end to make it close but gave hammer to team Rakuson.  Stealing two in the seventh and three in the eighth sealed a 10 to 8 victory for team Pasquali.

In a tied game, 3-3 after four ends between team Clare Coleman and Tom Hall, it was a steal of two for Coleman that started the collapse of team Hall.  In the end it was a decisive win for Coleman, 8 to 3.

With both skips playing in a bonspiel, Pat Fennell and Brett Rakuson, it was the thirds taking over the teams.

It was a tight game going into the seventh end, when team Fennell stole four.  Down by three with hammer, team Rakuson was run out of rocks making the final 8-5 for team Fennell.