Organizers rally Rossland residents to help with Kraft Hockeyville nomination. Photo: Jim Bailey.

Organizers rally Rossland residents to help with Kraft Hockeyville nomination. Photo: Jim Bailey.

Rossland Arena organizers rally residents for Kraft Hockeyville

Share special memories, show passion, and a chance to win a prize that will benefit entire area

The Rossland Arena has been nominated for Kraft Hockeyville 2021 and has a chance to win $250,000 in arena upgrades and the opportunity to host a preseason NHL game.

The time is ticking and Rossland Arena Society is hoping residents will go online and contribute their experiences before the Feb. 14 deadline.

“In order to rally to the finals, we need your help!

“We have such huge community spirit and passion throughout our entire area and this is our chance to show it.”

How can the Rossland Arena make it to the top?

“We need nomination stories, photos, videos, reactions and notes added to the Rossland Arena Rally Page on the Hockeyville website. Every one of these actions will count toward earning points for our nomination.”

The society is asking all rink users and supporters in the entire area (ages 13+) to head on over to and check out the growing number of heartwarming photos and stories.

Help Rossland rally to the top by contributing to the rally page: whether by nomination story, sharing to Twitter, uploading photos, videos, emojis or notes.

Residents have until 9 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 14 to generate as many rally points as possible.

“We ask that you do as many as possible – every little bit helps – so spread the word! By word of mouth, social media (check out our cool Facebook frame – RosslandArenaforHockeyville2021), email, poster – whatever works!”

Rossland’s final score will come from two main categories, the content of nomination stories and the rally points:

• Nomination Story Content will account for 80 per cent of the total score.

• All Rally Actions will make up the remaining 20 per cent.

Each rally action is worth points – Nomination Story (10 points each – 1 per person), Twitter Share (5 points per share – 1 per person), Photos/Videos (3 points each – up to 5 per person), Reactions/Emojis (1 point each, up to 15 per person) and Notes (1 point each – 1 per person).

The four communities with the most nominations and rally points will advance to the finals, where the winner will be determined by vote. The three runner-up communities will be awarded runner up prizes of $25,000 each to put towards arena refurbishing and repairs.

“A huge thank you for ALL the support shown to the Rossland Arena to date. We’ve already come such a long way!”

This is a great opportunity to share special memories, show passion, and stand a chance to win a prize that will benefit the entire area for many years to come – so please take a few minutes to help out.

About Kraft Hockeyville: Kraft Hockeyville is an annual competition sponsored by Kraft Heinz, the National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association in which communities compete to demonstrate their commitment to the sport.